So you want to kick SaaS?

SaaS is one of the most beautiful business models out there. At BVP, we have been extremely bullish on it and have probably one of the largest portfolios of SaaS companies out there. The benefit of this model also hasn’t escaped public investors which can be seen by the BVP cloud index, which tracks 38 public Cloud Computing Companies. The average company… Continue reading So you want to kick SaaS?

You don’t need a banker to build a financial model

One of the “must have” slides in a B2B startup deck is the financial projections model. There is one untold universal truth about these models- they are always wrong (the second thing in common for this part of the presentation is that the CEO always starts it with “we have taken a conservative approach…”) Now, if everyone knows that the model is wrong-… Continue reading You don’t need a banker to build a financial model

Be direct, Sell direct

Israelis are known to be direct, so why not sell that way? One of the first things I noticed since moving back to Israel is that many of the early stage startups we meet have a similar GTM strategy: Sell via channels or OEMs (in addition to some direct sales). This is one of the more noticeable differences from companies we… Continue reading Be direct, Sell direct